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Bear Ribeye

Swedish Wild Björn Bear Ribeye

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Bear meat is very rare and is thus most exclusive meat we offer at Swedish Wild. It has the strongest "wild" taste of all game meat. The ribeye is nice cut of the bear and is especially well suited for cooking in a pan or on the BBQ.

The animal naturally comes from the Swedish forests and the meat has been tested (e.g. for trichinae) at a certified Swedish game butcher facility.

The meat is shipped vakuumpacked and frozen.

Tender and healthy

  • All our meat is hung for 4-7 days to add extra tenderness and taste
  • Bear meat is very lean and low in cholesterol
  • Obviously no preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics have EVER been near this meat

    Sustainable meat

    • No water waste whatsoever
    • No animal transports
    • Hunting in the Nordics is highly regulated and bear numbers are kept at a stable och sustainable population of 3000 animals

    Shipping is free over €100

    We ship with couriers like DHL and FedEx. For Northern Europe, the shipping time is 12-24 hours from the time your package leaves our facilities. For Southern Europe it's usually 18-48 hours. 

    We ship products on Mondays and Wednesdays, so depending on where you live you will receive your package either on Tuesday or Thursday, and in some rare instances for remote addresses, on Friday. The courier will inform you of your exact delivery date and time. 

    We only ship on Mondays and Wednesdays to avoid that the package for some reason gets stuck in the courier's warehouse over the weekend.

    To cover some of our shipping and packaging costs, we use the following shipping rates:

    • Orders up to €50: €19.90 in shipping
    • Orders €50 - €100: €9.90 in shipping
    • Orders above €100: Free shipping

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